I’ve switched to iTerm 2! (a “new” terminal app for the Mac)

Yesterday, I switched to iTerm 2!

Since the very first time I used my first Mac for work, I replaced OS X’s Terminal.app with iTerm, because I didn’t feel enough comfortable with Terminal.app.

At that time (in 2007, when we used to run Tiger), iTerm was a quite good piece of software for the Mac (and it still is), with tabs, Unicode support, full-screen mode, profiles, bookmarks, and some more stuff. However, it doesn’t seem to be updated that much. From time to time, Sparkle notifies you that there is a new iTerm version available, but that’s very seldom, and they are most of all minor releases.

But yesterday, while I was struggling to get AppleScript to do what I was commanding it to do, I found out iTerm 2. iTerm 2 is actually not the next major release of iTerm, but a fork which intends to be iTerm’s successor. However, it’s got a quite remarkable bunch of new —and neat— features that iTerm lacks, and that’s what persuaded me to switch.

PS: Don’t forget to check out these iTerm Shell Customizations for bash, zsh and tcsh.

Lea Verou: In defense of reinventing wheels

Lea Verou: In defense of reinventing wheels

Pretty interesting article on reinventing wheels and DRY (well, not quite “yourself”). Found via Jeff Croft’s blog.